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Monday, May 17, 2010

The Sound of Silence

there is nothing like it, the sound of absolute silence
i typically am not a fan. 
i always have a tv, radio, something on to drown out silence.
i even sleep with a fan on all night.
i'm not sure why this is - most likely some deep-seated psychological issue, i'm sure.
but i was faced with a long bout of silence on my recent drive up the coast of
oregon and washington.

about halfway to my destination, i lost radio and cell phone reception.
it was at this moment that i realized the fancy new car i rented had no
ipod plug-in options (darn ford motor company).
after a few panicked moments (i mean, no cell reception AND i am headed into an area that, according to my mom and America's Most Wanted, is a hotbed for serial killers),
i looked around and suddenly noticed it...

i was in one of the most beautiful places in the world.  and i was given the
gift of silence.
no distractions from the panoramic views, earthy smells, and sounds of the ocean.
what better way to take in the beauty of creation.

so, after a quick prayer of thanks, i continued on my way
grateful for the small things i take for granted.

besides, who needs the radio when you have a library of
show tunes stored in your brain? 
*side note: my apologies to all the forest creatures who had to listen to me..."tomorrow! tomorrow! i love you tomorrow!"


Judy said...

JenJen! I love this! Pardon this stupid question - are these pictures you took along the way, or photos you found that fit the bill?

I love the Pacific Northwest. And of course I love you! :)

JEN said...

thanks, Judy! these are pictures that I took along the way...just a few of the almost 300 photos I took. Glad you like them! Love you too!

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