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Monday, August 3, 2009

Shark Week

Da da...da da...dadadadadada!!! Okay, so that was my rendition of the theme from Jaws. Two notes that forever changed the way we think about sharks (and that made us think twice about getting into the ocean).
So, it's officially here, the time of year I look forward to so much - Shark Week.
Have I mentioned that I am deathly afraid of sharks? It's numero uno on my list of phobias. But I am fascinated by these magnificent creatures. They are beautiful and intelligent, and I have a high respect for them. But the thought of being in the water with one - no thanks. I think my fear began when I was a small child and I happened to see Jaws on TV. That was all it took. Watching that movie now is kind of fun, because the special effects are pretty humorous. But I still can only watch through the hands that cover my eyes.
I once had a friend who suggested that I do what they call "exposure therapy". Her suggestion was for me to travel to South Africa and go on one of these "great white adventures" where they take you out to the middle of the ocean, drop you into a cage, throw in fish guts all around you, and wait for the great white feeding frenzy to begin. Talk about exposure. I quickly assured her this would not be happening.
So, the closest I will get is watching Shark Week on the Discovery Channel - with my feet tucked securely under me on the bed...because sharks like dangling feet.